Trademarks and Licensing

Protecting, promoting & enhancing the University of Arizona brand

UA Departments & Programs

The University of Arizona has some of the best and brightest faculty and staff, all committed to positioning the UA as a leader in higher education. The logos and trademarks of the University work to strengthen its reputation and promote academic excellence. Departments and programs of the University of Arizona are allowed and encouraged to use our logos and trademarks. To ensure the marks are used correctly, a few simple steps must be followed:

1. If you are not sure whether your department logo is approved by the office of Marketing Communications & Brand Management, contact  

2. An approved, licensed vendor must prduce all items bearing University logos and trademarks. It's the responsibility of the vendor to become licensed. If you're not sure the vendor you're working with is licensed, ask your vendor or contact the Trademarks & Licensing team at

Items intended for department use or promotional use are not subject to a royalty. Any items bearing third party logos in combination with UA logos bears a 12% royalty.