Shape of a Wildcat face created by Native American Heritage Month icons


The University’s heritage dates back to 1885 and is rich in diversity and character. To recognize and celebrate our distinct cultures, a dedicated team of students, faculty, staff, campus cultural groups and alumni collaborated to create the first official University of Arizona Cultural Logos.

Each cultural logo includes three distinct parts: Cultural icons, the Wildcat brand mark and a title that represents the expression or celebration of each culture. Every icon has been thoughtfully developed from team input and recognizes the importance of cultural nuance. While these represent the uniqueness of our cultural communities, they also form a common connection, the Wildcat brand mark.

The cultural logos are to be released individually throughout the 2020-2021 academic year in succession: Hispanic Heritage, Native American Heritage, Black History and Asian Pacific Heritage. Usage and approval guidelines will be made available soon. Contact in the meantime with questions.


The University of Arizona resides on indigenous homelands of the Tohono O’odham and the Pascua Yaqui people, and we recognize the identities of the 22 sovereign nations of Arizona. This cultural logo is an expression of our Native American community with distinct iconography around artifacts and nature that symbolize values held by our diverse tribes. The launch of this logo coincides with national Native American Heritage Month (November).

Eagle Feather – Navajo symbol of high honor

Water Symbol – signifies life, fertility and purity

Corn Stalk – sustenance

Rainbow – friendship and peace

Pottery – used by Southern Arizona tribes

Red Hand – spiritual power, strength, domination and protection

Basketry – used by Southern Arizona tribes

Earth Symbol – featured on the Hopi flag

Squash Blossom Necklace – traditional Navajo necklace

Saguaro Cactus – Arizona

Eight-pointed Star – hope and guidance

Four Directions – various meanings, based on tribe

Butterfly – symbol of change

Yaqui Flower – traditional flower for the Pascua Yaqui Tribe

Man in the Maze – traditional symbol, our journey through life

Hopi Rain Cloud – symbol for good prospects in the future

Vegetation – design element

Four-pointed Star – various meanings, based on tribe

Diamond – various meanings, based on tribe 

Mountains Arizona

22 Sovereign Nations – 22 tribes in Arizona

Gourd Rattle – three kingdoms in Native American culture: animal, mineral and plant

Cloud Design – featured on Native American flags

Four Directions – various meanings, based on tribe

Wildflower – symbolizes life, for most western tribes

Sun with Fields – featured on Arizona tribal flags

Spiral – various meanings, based on tribe

Water is Life – the sacred nature of water

"Block A" – The University of Arizona

River/water – life, fertility and purity

Yucca Plant – a medicinal plant

Wildflower – symbolizes life, for most western tribes

Wildcat Paw – The University of Arizona

Arrowhead – alertness

Skoden – “Let’s go!”

Tribal Cats – a name that UArizona Native American students and alumni use

Traditional staff – various meanings, based on tribe

Dragonfly – happiness, speed and purity

Hummingbird – playfulness and swift movement; a traditional Pascua Yaqui symbol

Lightning – power and speed; featured on the Arizona Apache tribal flags

Flying eagle – courage, wisdom and strength

Drum – the heartbeat of Mother Earth

Chukson – meaning “spring at the foot of a black mountain:” the name used by the Tohono O’odham, before Tucson


Hispanic Heritage

One in four undergraduate students at the University self-identifies as Hispanic. This cultural logo and program reflect our mission as a designated Hispanic Serving Institution to serve and support our Hispanic students. The distinct iconography around music, food, family and community is detailed below. The launch of this logo coincides with national Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15-October 15, 2020). The launch campaign includes merchandise sold through the BookStores at, benefiting students through the Adalberto and Ana Guerrero Student Center, and quotes from individuals and groups across the University featured on our main social channels.


Flowers – variety of flora

Iguana – variety of reptiles

"Block A" – The University of Arizona

Saguaro Cactus – Arizona

Bongo Drum – deep drum sounds

Pyramid – unique architecture and ancestors

Maracas – hand-held instruments

Guitar – one of the oldest instruments

Hand Fan – gatherings, weather

Embroidery Embellishments – textiles, color, threads, embroidery, artisans

Hummingbird – variety of birds and ancestors

Pottery Designs – Talavera pottery, ceramics, art

Sun – happiness, beaches
Pineapple – variety of fruits

Coffee – a common plant, a conversational drink

Los Gatos – Wildcats

Tambourine – hand-held instruments

Soccer Ball – fútbol, a universal language

Heart – passion

Familia – family is a core value

Music Symbols – love for music

Limes – love for food