New York Fashion Week

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Wildcats in New York

Each semester, undergraduates at Arizona compete to go behind the scenes at New York Fashion Week. And they’re raising the bar.

All Students, Regardless of Major, are Welcome to Apply!

This unique all expenses paid, academic enrichment program will provide a behind-the-scenes look at the fashion industry, including entry into select runway shows, panel discussions and networking opportunities with industry leaders, as well as on-the-job shadowing with retailers and collegiate licensees.

To be considered for the chance to go to New York Fashion Week Experience Fall 2024:

  • Submit a personal statement to on:
    • Include why you would be an exceptional representative for the University of Arizona? Include how this experience will impact your professional goals.
    • The email subject line should read: “YOUR NAME” and NYFW Statement.
    • The email should also include a copy of your Unofficial Transcript from UA or other accredited university
    • Two letters of reference - these can be from professors at the university (that are not judging the competition) former/current managers/supervisors, or advisors

Dates & Deadlines

  • Feb 26 at 5:00pm AZ time-need your info received via email
  • March 1 - will announce who is moving forward to the presentations-where we select who is going to represent UA at NYFW
  • April 5 - presentations-this year there will be 2 presentation options
  • April 9 - announce winners

Through a collaboration between University of Arizona Trademarks & Licensing and the Norton School of Family & Consumer Sciences, students at Arizona compete to go behind the scenes at New York Fashion Week. And each semester, Wildcats set the bar higher for each other, and their peers nationally, with their design pitches, business analytics and professionalism.

Guidelines for each NYFW: 

September, 2022September, 2020 | February, 2020 | September, 2019

New York Fashion Week Worthy

Two students at New York Fashion Week 2022

Two students at New York Fashion Week 2022


Two Wildcats went behind the scenes at one of the industry’s biggest events in September 2022. They share their initial spark of wonder, how wonder unites us under fashion and what being in New York meant to them.



Alana Komatsu, Senior
Major: East Asian studies
Minor: Fashion and Consumerism

“My initial spark of Wonder was probably my heritage. I am half Puerto Rican, and half Japanese American. I've always struggled with my identity and where I fit in. Fashion really allows us to express our own individuality and personality. We all share that common. We all want to express who we are to each other.”

“I didn't think I would ever get this opportunity to be here. It really means everything. Meeting all these people at Champion, at New York Fashion Week and the IMG officers… meeting them has meant that the fashion industry is real and that I can have a place in that.”

UArizona student in New York


UArizona student in New York

Stephanie Rehwaldt, Junior
Major: Business Management
Minor: Fashion and Spanish

“Wonder unites us in terms of fashion by helping us create new trends. I believe that that unites everyone in the world as a whole.”

“I feel like New York has really taught me to be passionate about my job. When we went to Champion and we talked to all the people who worked there, they seem so passionate about what they do and that honestly makes the whole work environment enjoyable. I'm definitely going to take that back.”


Takeaways from Fashion Week |  Feb. 2020

Claire Harders, Junior
Hometown: Scottsdale, AZ 
Major: Retail & Consumer Sciences

"I learned so much from the professionals in the panels and the college students who also attended the program. They taught me to go after my dreams without hesitation and even some great negotiation skills! The people I met showed me how important it is to take every opportunity because you never know where it might lead."






Tate Jameson, Junior
Hometown: Scottsdale, AZ
Major: Retail & Consumer Sciences

"I realized that I am exactly where I am supposed to be. The first show I saw was Claudia Li and within 30 seconds, I was teary eyed. This was one of the first times that I felt not only hopeful for a future in the fashion industry, but confident that I was going to attain my dream."







Michelle Huynh, Senior
Hometown: Tucson, AZ 
Major: Retail & Consumer Sciences

"Just from observing the sea of people who fill in the seats, you can really tell that each person is unapologetically expressing themselves. That is why my number one advice to future students considering this opportunity is: Do not let uncertainty of belonging keep you from pursuing this chance."






Danielle Nead-Work, First-year student 
Hometown: Lake Oswego, OR 
Major: Pre-Business

"The experiences I had talking to successful individuals in the field, learning design and production specifics from Champion, experiencing live runway shows and all that goes into them inspired me to get as creative and involved in this world as possible during my time as a student."



Takeaways from Fashion Week | Sept. 2019 

Since I was little, I would find the looks and shows from NYFW on live streams, through magazines, from influencers or on designer websites, just so that I could try and feel like I was there watching them. So, getting to experience the shows in real life felt like a dream.
— Brenna Doyle, Class of ‘21

We had the privilege of visiting Champion’s design studios. Their trends team showed us the entire design process and how their research plays into the final product design. This was a major “aha!” moment for me that shed some light on future career paths I was unaware of.
— Kami Strander, Class of ‘21


The Judges

Catherine Hanson, Program Manager, Trademarks & Licensing

Cat graduated from Southern Illinois University with a BS in Education. She continued her education with a master’s degree in Legal Studies with a specialization in Sports Law & Business from Arizona State University. In the early years, Cat owned and operated a chain of skateboard and snowboard shops in the Phoenix area and transitioned into e-commerce sales and branding with a valley licensee. In her current role, Cat works with licensees, retailers and is involved with many licensing and marketing projects.

Charlette Padilla, Associate Professor and Coordinator of Fashion Minor in Norton School of Family & Consumer Sciences

Charlette graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York and received her master’s degree from the University of Arizona Norton School of Family and Consumer Sciences. She is an award-winning retail business owner and led the Fashion Consumer Sciences program at Pima Community College. In her current role, Charlette coordinates the Fashion minor, leads the study abroad trip and works with students to prepare them for the fashion industry.

Elizabeth Heuisler, Assistant Professor for Norton School of Family & Consumer Sciences

Elizabeth graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, received a B.A. in Fine Arts from Hofstra University and a master’s in Educational Leadership from Argosy University. She has worked in the fashion industry as an assistant designer and freelance designer and was the vice president of clothing design for Chivalry Sports. Today, Elizabeth teaches at the University of Arizona and leads the sustainability curriculum in partnership with Trademarks & Licensing.