Licensed Masks

Licensed Masks & Face Coverings

The University of Arizona is working closely with some of our best partners to offer licensed masks and face coverings. In order to become licensed, companies are undergoing a vetting process and must provide documentation of elevated insurance, correct product labeling and marking, and more. This list is evolving and growing as the need for masks continues to evolve and grow. As the list changes, this site will be updated with the most current information. 

Masks using the University of Arizona's intellectual property are required to either be 100% cotton, or have a 100% cotton innermost layer.

In addition to the previously mentioned requirements, the University has also set requirements around artwork for the masks. The Block A cannot appear in the middle or on the left side of the mask (while looking at someone wearing it) as a stand-alone element. It can be used as a smaller element in a repeating pattern, or as a stand-alone element on the right side of the mask (while looking at someone wearing it). There are no restrictions with the Wildcat Face logo. University units will be required to follow these guidelines, but are not required to use their official logo lockup on masks. Logo lockup requirements still apply to all other promotional products. 


4imprint  Mike Hill
Anton Sport Amber Madden
Aztec Embroidery  Justin Armenta
Barrio Promo  Julie Turpin
Garment Graphics  Holly Polston
Graphic Impact Ryan Volin
Safeguard  Ben Korn
Synergy Imports  Jess Block

All questions about licensed masks and face coverings should be directed to